Laconia Middle School

150 McGrath Street

Laconia, New Hampshire 03246

524 – 4632


Jim McCollum                                                         Jen Sottak                                                                      Chris Ennis

   Principal                                                                   Student Services Coordinator                                                         Assistant Principal / AD


To:       Parents / Guardians of

            Laconia Middle School Students

From:    Jim McCollum


Re:       A New Building (and its temporary issues)

July 29, 2008

Dear Parent / Guardian:


It is our sincere hope that you are having a wonderful time enjoying the beauty of another New Hampshire Lakes Region summer.  Over at our brand new middle school, work continues in preparation of our first year as “Laconia Middle School.”  Thus far it has been a busy summer of moving in new equipment and furniture and learning how our new, green school works.


As you are aware, there are some important pieces of information that all parents / guardians should be aware of as we begin our second year of construction at the Laconia Middle School. The following bullets provide some information on how to access the school as well as student pick-up and drop-off procedures that will assist everyone during this school year.


  1. The temporary “main” entrance for the upcoming school year is at the corner of McGrath and Opechee Street.   Parking is minimal and will be for the entire school year. 


  1. Parking that is available is designated for student emergency pick-up and will be parallel to the Jersey barriers set up along McGrath Street.  We do have emergency routes for Police and Fire rescue as well. These utilize the Opechee Park access roads and are reserved for those agencies only.


  1. Students will be walking between the new building and the old gymnasium / cafeteria on multiple occasions each day.  Please be sure to send your child to school with appropriate clothing throughout the school year.



  1. There will be one-way traffic on Opechee and McGrath  (up to Clairmont St.) throughout the entire school day (7:00am – 3:00pm).  If you pick up your child after school, stay in the designated right hand lane and away from the bus lanes which are on the left side of the street.  Follow all directions provided by police and school staff and always be alert to all student movement after school each day. 


  1. Due to the large number of parent pick-ups that occur after school, we will be lining cars up (in the right hand lane) from the corner of McGrath and Clairmont Street everyday.  Do not stop your vehicle at the closest point near the exits of our school.  Please line up in an orderly fashion in the right hand lane for the safety of the students leaving our school.


  1. Students who typically leave our school by going through Opechee Park will still be allowed to do so by exiting the northwest exit of the building and along the access route that runs along Colby Field.


  1. Due to the traffic congestion that will exist throughout the second construction phase, we will be dismissing bus students first each day (at 2:21) then releasing our walkers and parent pick-up students after five minutes (at 2:26.)  This will allow the buses to leave the campus first and minimize the vehicle traffic our students must negotiate.


  1. Parents are encouraged to regularly remind their students that it is important that students leave the campus when their school day is completed and not linger around the traffic or construction site.


As it is obvious that physically accessing the building will be more difficult for this school year, we strongly encourage parents / guardians to regularly communicate with teams, teachers and administrators as often as will benefit students via email and phone.  Our new school has a messaging system that takes information for teachers directly to the phones in their rooms.  It is our hope that our overall communication will be enhanced with the new technology that exists throughout the new building.


Additionally, parents who want to pick up their child just prior to the end of the school day for appointments will have great difficulty getting out of the traffic pattern so planning pick-ups between 1:45pm and 2:15 pm should be avoided.


As always, thank you for supporting our middle school program.  We look forward to an outstanding school year as we seek to continue our movement toward educational excellence!




Jim McCollum


Upcoming Events:


August 13th             ~ Athletic Physicals at MMS            5:00 – 7:00pm

                           Parent / Athlete Information Night       7:00pm


August 14th       ~ Football practice begins


August 18th       ~ Boys Soccer practice begins

                                       Field Hockey practice begins


      August 25th                         ~ Volley Ball practice begins

                                       Girls Soccer practice begins

                                       Cross-country TBA


      September 2nd        ~ First Day of School for 08 – 09 school year